Our Values


Build great neighborhoods.

We believe in great communities. Specifically, we believe that successful local businesses are the backbone of vibrant spaces. What makes your neighborhood great? It’s the combination of interesting and thriving businesses coupled with people who visit frequently. We are the thing that connects them, and we can make things better for both — building amazing communities in the process through our economic impact. Coupled with our volunteer efforts and social responsibility focus, there are numerous ways we can all make a greater difference.


Act like its your business.

We work with small/medium/large business owners/companies, and they take hard looks at every decision they make because each can mean success or failure for their business. To succeed, they have to get creative. They run lean. They get the absolute most from their teams. And, they plan for the long term. We want everyone at DEALON.LIVE to take that same approach.


Make life less boring.

We think life should be fun. For our customers that means showing them the amazing things they can experience right outside their doors and virtually anywhere they go. For merchants, it means helping make their businesses successful and their lives easier. For employees, it means building a great place to work. All of this is steeped in our sense of humor, our commitment to excitement and cats. Lots of cats.


Solve problems the right way, together.

We don’t just want to win, we want to win the right way. We’ll celebrate difference and the ways it can change how we work and lead to bigger wins. We’ll work across the company and realizing that success isn’t a zero-sum game. We’ll invite diverse perspectives and making sure we take on challenges in an honest, open and respectful manner.


Begin and end with the customer.

Customers are why we’re here. They drive our business. When customers view us as a daily habit — as something indispensable — it will mean we’re solving fundamental challenges and delivering amazing value. Whether it’s consumers or the merchants we connect them with, everything we do should begin and end with the customer, and we will be willing to do the hard work for long-term customer happiness.

Our Company

Dealon started its journey to fulfill all major needs of everyday’s life with the help of technology. The Dealon App developed two services today one is e-commerce service as DO DEALS and another is on demand emergency service as DO EMERGENCY. As we continue to grow as an Information Technology company serving everyday solutions for thousands of users across the Dhaka City, our motto is to develop problem-solving ideas. This journey builds on our present dedication to creating smooth experiences for users, and providing the economical impact for Thousands of our partners. We believe that Dealon is a Super App with continuous technological innovations, There is Always a Way to solve everyday problems and affect positive social impact.